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In this group I include all those items related with photography, and that make up a significant percentage of the bulk and weight of my pack. They represent a reduced version of the list shown in my photographic equipment page as there are items, such as the two telephoto lenses, that I never take along when backpacking, for obvious reasons.

  • Camera ⇒ This includes my Canon 5D MkII SLR body coupled with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L USM lens, the Kirk L bracket to mount it on the tripod, a Canon LP-E6 battery, a 64GB SanDisk compact flash memory card, and the neck strap. When hiking this goes either inside the backpack or around my neck and right arm if the landscape holds potential for photography.


  • Tripod ⇒ The Gitzo GT26541L carbon fiber tripod coupled with the Kirk BH-3 ballhead are always attached to the right hand side of my backpack.


  • Polarizer Filter ⇒ The B+W 77m circular polarizer is the only filter I carry. Indispensable for popping up the colors and eliminating undesired reflections.


  • Level Bubble ⇒ Kirk. Attaches to the camera flash mount ensuring that my photos end up aligned with the horizon.


  • Remote Switch ⇒ Canon RS-80N3. Indispensable to avoid vibrations when pressing the shutter.


  • Lens Cloth ⇒ Spudz microfiber to eliminate stains from the optics.


  • Small Air Brush ⇒ Required to blow away small dust particles from the lenses and the camera body.


  • Extra Battery ⇒ Backup Canon LP-E6 battery that I leave at home if the trip will not exceed three or four days.


  • Extra Memory Card ⇒ Backup 64GB SanDisk compact flash memory card to ensure I will never run out of space during the trip.


  • Camera Dry Bag ⇒ SeaToSummit 13L Ultra-Sil dry bag in which I put my camera for safety purposes during rainy days or when fording rivers.


  • Rain Sleeve ⇒ OptiTech. Enables me to shoot under the rain by covering everything except the lens frontal glass. Rarely used but indispensable when needed.


  • Wide Angle Lens ⇒ Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens. The best lens in my kit, I have never been able to leave it at home since I acquired it. Produces wide angle images of impressive quality.


  • Wide Angle Lens Dry Bag ⇒ SeaToSummit 4L Ultra-Sil dry bag in which I put the wide angle lens for safety purposes during rainy days or when fording rivers.


  • Panning Clamp ⇒ Really Right Stuff PCL-Pro. I only include it when anticipating I will be taking several panoramic shots. Useful but not really indispensable given its weight.


  • Photo Fanny Pack ⇒ LowePro Sideline Shooter. During the day it goes inside the backpack filled with all the photographic equipment. But twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening, I attach it around my waist, load the backpack top with food, clothing, and water, take the tripod, and go away in search of good pictures. Given its weight, I should start looking for alternative options.


  • PHOTO EQUIPMENT Total Weight (ounces):


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