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This category includes the food I ingest during the trip plus the containers required to safely carry it. I hate cooking in the wilderness and much prefer spending that time taking photos, so I never take stove nor fuel and rely on dry calorie intensive food with the highest possible ratio of calories to weight. It is the most variable category and the most difficult to quantify. The good part is that once you start walking the pack slowly starts getting lighter, and the process does not stop. Although being realistic, what matters is your whole weight, this is, the sum of your body and your pack, so it is not the ingestion of food what makes you lighter, but its extraction.

On my next trip I will weight everything I take with me and complete this section.

  • Bear Canister ⇒ BearVault BV500. With enough capacity for six days, which can be extended to eight by acknowledging you are going to be slightly hungry every day, it keeps your food safe from bears, raccoons, and rodents. Mandatory in many places, otherwise it stays at home.


  • FOOD Total Weight (ounces):


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