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In the second category I include everything I take with me on the trail that stays outside the pack, which mostly corresponds to the clothes I wear while hiking.

  • Boots ⇒ Salomon Quest 4D II GTX. Suede leather and nylon boots that provide the traction, support and stability required to travel cross-country with a heavy load on my back. Having size 14 feet does not help with the weight, but I gladly pay the price for the peace of mind they provide. Virtually waterproof unless I step in more than ankle deep water, with these boots on I know I can put my feet wherever I choose to with complete confidence.


  • Socks ⇒ Quechua synthetic light weight. Finding the right socks is not easy but these ones do the job for me. Quite thin as the boots already provide more than enough warmth, but with some padding to alleviate the pounding on my feet. XXXXXXXXXXXXX anything but Quechua.


  • Base Layer Bottoms ⇒ ExOfficio Give N Go nylon/spandex briefs. Comfortable, light, and quick drying. Would not change them for anything.


  • Mid Layer Pants ⇒ The North Face nylon pants. A very old model that is slightly thicker, heavier and more rugged than most light weight hiking pants. Mine have endured lots of abuse for many years and are full of patches, but I have not been able to find a suitable replacement. I only take a lighter model if hiking in warm weather. XXXXXXXXXXX replacement


  • Base Layer Top ⇒ Mountain Hardwear hiking shirt. Long sleeved, light, and breathable, all while blocking mosquito bites. The perfect shirt for hiking in the desert, but I wear it everywhere while hiking so I do not get wet with transpiration. Provides very little warmth, but that is not its purpose.


  • Mid Layer Top ⇒ Mountain Hardwear fleece jacket. Perfect fit for my body, blocks the wind, has lots of openings for ventilation, and can withstand heavy abuse. I know many hikers are replacing fleece with down to save weight, but I often wear my mid layer while exercising so transpiration is key. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX not any more.


  • Mid Layer Gloves ⇒ Unknown manufacturer fleece gloves. Very important to me since my hands are always the first body part to get cold. These light weight gloves fit very well and provide much needed warmth without reducing my dexterity, even enabling me to adjust my camera settings. XXXXXXXXX replacemnent


  • Hat ⇒ REI nylon sun hat, with full coverage of my neck and ears.


  • Altimeter ⇒ Highgear Altitech. Aluminum. I include it with my clothing because it is always attached to a rubber clip on the left hand side of my pants belt. Easy to reach, I rely on the time and altimeter for navigation and the alarm for waking me up before sunrise. I have never used the electronic compass though.


  • Pocket Knife ⇒ Gerber LST 420 HC stainless steel. Compact, sharp, and easy to deploy even with gloves. Always in my pocket or in my hand.


  • Lipscreen ⇒ ChapStick SPF15. Stays always in my pocket as I continuously apply it.


  • Handkerchief ⇒ Cotton. Single use paper tissues are a bad idea on the trail, as they disintegrate after heavy use. Much better to take a single casual dressing handkerchief, which will last a long time, and can be cleaned up with water if required. Always in my pocket.


  • Poles ⇒ Black Diamond Trail aluminium poles. Tough for their weight and with a comfortable foam grip, I recently bought my third pair, after all the previous ones bended, broke, or lost pieces due to abuse.


  • CLOTHES ON BODY Total Weight (ounces):


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