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This category includes all those items that I take with me and that can not be assigned to any other category. I take most of these items inside individual 1 quart transparent freezer bags, both for protection and for easier organization.

  • Pack Raincover ⇒ SeaToSummit Ultra-Sil Cordura nylon. It is an inconvenience that packs are not 100% waterproof, so I need to take this cover to ensure my stuff remains dry under the rain.


  • Water Bottles (2) ⇒ REI Nalgene narrow mouth 32 fl oz, BPA free copolyester. Although I may add more bottles when hiking in the desert, two quarts is generally more than enough to take me from water source to water source anywhere else.


  • Headlamp ⇒ Petzl Tikka. A very light model that I not only use within the tent but also at camp when it is too dark to see. One set of batteries is more than enough, as I use the light randomly and always at the minimum power.


  • Satellite Communicator ⇒ Delorme InReach Explorer. A recent addition to my pack, this device allows me to send and receive text messages from family, friends, and emergency services. It also includes GPS functionality that I can use for navigation in case of need.


  • Water Purification Tablets ⇒ Potable Aqua iodine and chloride dioxide tablets. I use iodine during the day when I need the water purified in a relatively short time (30 minutes), but rely on chloride dioxide at night when there is no problem with waiting for four hours for the tablets to do their work.


  • Sunscreen ⇒ SPF50. With experience I take just enough to apply liberally to all exposed skin (which is not much) at least twice a day.


  • Toilet Paper ⇒ As with sunscreen, it is important here to take only as much as you need.


  • Magnet ⇒ Suuntu A-10 with adjustable declination compensation. I own two versions (one for either hemisphere). Stays on the pack unless I expect navigational challenges, in which case its lanyard quickly makes it around my neck.


  • Thin Rope ⇒ Thirty feet of nylon rope are invaluable to raise or lower the backpack when I encounter an obstacle too steep to overcome with the pack on my shoulders. Not necessary if route is fully on trail.


  • First Aid Kit ⇒ Homemade kit with a little bit of everything I may need out there. While I have fortunately never used most items, I employ the iodine tube so often that I keep it at hand outside the kit bag.


  • Insect Repellent ⇒ Repel 100. A small amount of juice to keep the bugs away. I try to avoid using it as much as I can, but there are times in which I have no other choice.


  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste ⇒ A minimalist brush with just enough paste to brush my teeth twice a day.


  • Whistle ⇒ I have never used it but it may become indispensable if an emergency arises.


  • Fire Starter Kit ⇒ Stormproof matches, a lighter, and some tinder to start a fire in case of need.


  • Bathing Wipes ⇒ No Rinse. I clean myself every night in the tent with two or three wipes. Not perfect, but much better than the hassle involved with taking soap into the wilderness.


  • Trash Bags (2) ⇒ I take two 30 quart home trash bags with no specific use in mind, although I end up using at least one on most trips.


  • Survival Blanket ⇒ Emergency reflective blanket to avoid heat loss that I always keep with me just in case.


  • Documents and Money ⇒ I keep my passport, credit cards, and some cash in a freezer bag so I do not lose them.


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